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88 Supermarket Grocery Store

Established in 2006, 88 Supermarket is home to one of the largest selection of ethnic foods in Greater Vancouver. We are dedicated and proud to offer food varieties from around the world as well as large selection of local North American foods at very affordable prices.

Here, you can find daily fresh cuts of meat, fresh dairy, bakery, and live seafood at much lower prices, large selection of Asian and western foods, an extensive produce department with exotic fruits and hard to find vegetables. Our dedicated friendly staff works hard to ensure your visit to 88 Supermarket enjoyable.

4801 Victoria Drive

2611 E 49th Ave

Available Here

  • Pig Ears
  • Pig Head

They also have a decent selection of exotic chips.

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Hi @ben! I love that “Exotic Chips” is a category. Ya, so many other things like lots of fresh Vietnamese herbs and such. I’ve been meaning to go back and take pictures to illustrate this post.