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Balti Chicken with Noodles

I had three chicken thighs that I salted and covered in Monsoon Coast Balti and let sit for a couple of hours. I added some oil to an ovenproof pan, put the thighs in skin side up and broiled until the skin was starting to brown. Then cooked at 350F for about 40min.

In a high sided pan, I sautéed half an onion in some oil until starting to brown. Added a little butter for richness and then added and sautéed three diagonal sliced carrots.

Added a cup of water and kept on medium high heat. Added salt, some maple syrup, and a little apple cider vinegar, as well as some balti.

Added a can of coconut milk and 1/2 cup of sliced grape tomatoes, and a tsp of chicken bouillon. Turned down to simmer.

Added two packages of frozen hand pulled noodles. Added water so noodles were more covered and brought to boil. Stirred to break apart noodles and have the tomatoes melt into boiling broth.

Added chicken thigh on top and served.

This balti has only a hint of spicy in it. R isn’t doing great with chilies lately so I left them out. A little drizzle of chili oil would go great.