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BC Blockchain Resources

This is an attempt to curate and maintain a list of British Columbia (BC) based blockchain resources. This is currently Metro Vancouver-centric.

Thanks to @bobsummerwill for initially kicking this off on his blog

Community Calendar

Public link to the calendar is embedded in the BC Blockchain Ecosystem site

  • powered by a TeamUp Calendar, initially sponsored / setup by @boris at Finhaven, managed by @Chisel and the blockchainyvr volunteer team
  • direct public link to add to the calendar
  • leave a comment if you want your own organizational sub-calendar
  • TO DO: have these instructions available at

Selected Meetups

Blockchain for Product Developers aka blockchainYVR

Meetup -

Developer focused group that meets monthly with speakers on technical topics.


Community commons with physical space in Downtown Vancouver on Pender Street.


Company / People Directory

The information in the directory is publicly embedded and available on the Blockchain Ecosystem of BC website

  • powered by Airtable, originally created by @boris at Finhaven, and many other community members have access to edits and updates
  • everyone is welcome to add their company
  • TO DO: also embed in BlockchainYVR with process for granting access to native Airtable database
  • TO DO: Creative Commons licensing made official

Selected Organizations

Blockchain Ecosystem of BC

Non profit society. Grew out of Blockchain @ UBC to be a wider umbrella organization. Focused on research and industry + academic collaboration. Heavily involved with MITACS and government research funding.

Blockchain @ UBC

BC Blockchain Forum

BC Securities Commission

Key people:

Selected Companies & People


Protocol contributions:

Key people:

  • Adrian Jonklaas (COO)
  • Anthony Nicalo (CRO)
  • DH Kim (CEO)
  • Tom Carchrae (CTO)
  • Olivia Lovenmark (Director of Marketing)

Was originally Frontier Foundry, which is now (again) run by @boris and hosts this wiki page / community.


Key people:

  • Chris Jensen (CEO)
  • John Lyotier (COO)
  • Melissa Quinn (Corporate Development Manager)
  • Dana Harvey (Chief Communications Officer)
  • Brianna MacNeill (Product Manager, Blockchain)


Main product: Etherparty, automated smart contract builder:

Key people:

  • Kevin Hobbs (Co-Founder and CEO)
  • Lisa Cheng (Co-Founder)

Axiom Zen

Protocol Contributions

Main Product - Cryptokitties




BlockTech Ventures

TO DO: Probably should focus on just linking to / expanding the Airtable directory so it can be a central place for this? What is the goal of “selected” companies?


October 2013: World’s first bitcoin ATM opens in Vancouver

TO DO: more history! Probably DCTRL, maybe Lost & Found Cafe, Bestie, others accepting Bitcoin