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Beginning of May Cooking On the Weekend

I didn’t especially plan to cook a lot this weekend, it just turned out that way.

On Saturday, I pulled a couple of frozen lamb shanks from Legends Haul out of the freezer, diced a large onion, and stuck it in the cast iron pan that had breakfast bacon grease in it. Adds some salt and pepper and a little olive oil on top and broiled it until starting to brown on both sides.

In an oven proof pot, I had rainbow carrots and chopped up half a head of green cabbage that needed using up.

Come to think of it, all of those ingredients were from Legends Haul.

A dried out Spanish chorizo? Sure, slice it up and put it in as well. Plus a little bit of minced ginger, and a liberal splash of apple cider vinegar.

Added the lamb shanks and onions into the pot and covered. Let it cook for 3-4 hours at 350, covered, adding a little more apple cider vinegar and salt.

The lamb fell off the bone, and the cabbage was sour and meaty plus the sweetness of carrots and the spicy surprise of chunks of chorizo.

Served with my not-really German bread dumplings.

And on Sunday, made pickled beets and then ended the day with brownies.

Have a great week!