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Boiled crab with broccoli

I think this week is the first time that I have ever paid for crab.

Childhood crab traps off the dock or a dinghy on Bowen Island, trapped by friends (Lee & Sachi), or caught by hand by friends (James).

I finished off my membership in the Skipper Otto Community Supported Fishery (CSF) by buying 2 crab and picking them up this past Thursday.

I rode out and back on my bike, much like when I picked up live prawns in the summer.

The crab weighed 3.3lbs for both of them.

I found a video on humanely killing crab. Since our small apartment kitchen doesn’t really have sharp corners, and I didn’t want to splatter the ground with crab juice, I used a different method.

I have a large heavy cleaver and drove it through the crab. If we’re going to eat animals we need to be OK with killing them — as humanely as possible.

I followed the rest of the instructions for cleaning from the video, including reserving the “crab mustard”.

I added garlic, ginger, onions, green peppercorns, bay leaves, and salt to the water and boiled the crab.

I made a bit of sauce by mincing half a small onion, two cloves crushed garlic, and sautéed in a knob of butter. Then added a chopped fresh tomato, black pepper, salt, and juice of a fresh lime, plus a spoonful of sambal oelek. Added the crab mustard and juices and reduced.

Made a little garlic butter, plus had some slices of my homemade sourdough bread that I toasted.

A few minutes before the crab was finished I added a head of broccoli cut into smaller florets. Gotta have your veggies!

We pulled out our nutcrackers and crab picks and feasted. The crab meat by itself was tender and sweet and delicious and didn’t need anything else. The garlic butter and tomato crab sauce was nice with the bread.

The top shells and scraps as well as the cracked leftover shells went back in the cooking liquid to boil and reduce. I have a crab stock in the freezer that I might join with some prawn shells that I kept.