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Bowen Island Co-Working Day - May 1st

I’m leading a co-working expedition to Bowen Island. It’s a chance to spend the day working alongside other people and doing something a little different. There will be wifi in a couple of places, as well as power, but be prepared to have things you can work offline on, or a cellphone with the appropriate tethering plan :slight_smile:

We’ll do a return trip with the Bowen Land & Sea Taxi from Coal Harbour to Snug Cove.

We’ll start with breakfast at Seven Hills B&B (my parents) and then work out of the library or other places.

Bowen Taxi Coal Harbour Dock

Be there at 7am, boat leaves at 7:10am

We’ll return to Coal Harbour on the 5:10pm Bowen Taxi, which will get there shortly before 6pm.

Leave a comment if you’re coming!

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I have a daily 8:00am meeting - Do you think we could be set up somewhere in time for 8:00am?

Yup! We’ll make it to my parents’ place by then @darcy

Awesome! I will be in Toronto, but count me in for next time for sure, if I am around.

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Ok, sounds good - I’m most likely in.

Looking forward to it!!!

@asselstine are you in?

Yes I’m in! I’ll pop it in the calendar.

UGG, one of my clients has booked some product discovery meeting with their customers on Monday/Tuesday that I need to attend. Bailing out - If I can reschedule them, I’ll just show up.

No worries @darcy this is casual and we’ll do more like this in the future.

Round 2 some day soon?