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Broken Down Duck with Olives and Tomatoes

Choices on The Drive often has fresh whole duck in their meat department. Today, it was half the price of some very nice looking but pricy organic chickens.

I broke down the duck into legs, breasts, and wings, plus a pile of skin / duck fat and leftover carcass.

(Yes, breaking down poultry is extremely satisfying)

The carcass and neck and some of the fat I put in the oven on broil you roast and crisp up. It went into the slow cooker with bits and pieces of the veggies I prepped, including the stem of a cabbage.

A large onion is sliced underneath and I halved about a 1/4 cup of stuffed olives. Salt, pepper, thyme, and paprika are the seasonings.

I started by broiling until the skin crisped up and then roasted at 385F for about an hour. I took the duck out and added three large chopped Roma tomatoes.

This went back in for 30 minutes and then finished with 15min on a low broil, with some mixing in as the tomatoes and juices started to blend together.

Any duck skin that isn’t directly under the broiler doesn’t get crisp, but I knew this was going to be different. More of a way to make chicken than duck. It was tasty, and we only ate the two legs — lots left. No final pics, and also not pictured, some veggies.

I bought a really nice kabota squash, quartered it, scooped the inside out, and sliced it. Tossed with olive oil, salt & pepper, and chopped some fresh cilantro that needed using up. Put it on the stovetop with the lid on and started on medium and then gradually reduced the heat, tossing it regularly. Cooked in its own moisture and the olive oil and was nice and sweet.

A green cabbage also needed using. R doesn’t like cooked cabbage at all, but I do.

I can’t find the source recipe that originally inspired me to do cabbage + mustard, but it’s basically a white sauce with Dijon mustard added.

Tonight, I kept it even simpler. Chopped the cabbage into big wedges and stuff it into a small sauce pan. Added 1.5Tbsp of Dijon mustard plus a little salt and maybe 2-3 Tbsp of water. Kept the lid on, worked the water and mustard throughout, and it steamed nicely.

Served with leftover Egyptian rice.