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Cauliflower Rice / Cous Cous and Pizza Crust

I got asked about cauliflower crust and was reminded that I “riced” a number of cauliflower heads and made a bunch of things out of them.

You’re going to need a food processor, and you can prepare this ahead of time and then freeze the “riced” cauliflower. Unless you are getting very small cauliflower, this turns into quite a lot. If cauliflower is in season, it can be worth just having some on hand.

The Kitchn has tips on making rice / cous cous:

You can then make cauliflower crust for pizza pretty easily by mixing in an egg, cheese, and spices. Here’s one recipe I found from Tasty Kitchen:

I’ve also made it without microwaving, by just pre-cooking the crust, and then adding toppings and baking a second time.