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Centralizing a Startup Studio’s Resources: The Pros and Cons - Stanley Park Ventures

I’m always on the lookout for startup studio / foundry models and what people have learned.

The Stanley Park Ventures team here share how they work and some high level details from other studios.

I think the model is closely tied to the outcomes needed. Creating companies to go down a venture path, with independent entities from day 1, will lead to a certain structure. You need to understand the model and outcomes - models where companies only get formed / spun out when investment happens — which opens the door to revenue positive lines of business inside the studio — might get built very differently, including shared equity from the parent company.

I’ve had several great conversations around this recently so expect more on this as I take a stab at what a “collective” model looks like.

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It’s unfortunate comments are disabled on the original blog post. The hardest challenge with studios is “finding product owners” and equity ownership structures. Something missing from that post. I hope someone from that camp reads this comment and can shed some light on what’s worked and hasn’t.