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Chicken Eggplant Coconut Curry Cookstorm

I did a #cookstorm tonight. This is really a plug-in I should build for Discourse. I’ll copy the tweets in later, for now you can see them all on Twitter:

This vaguely a curry in that I used some curry techniques like toasting spices in oil. Brown mustard seed in particular. No particular cuisine this is based on.

In the back of my mind, I considered adding either chicken bouillon or miso paste, but there was a good depth of flavour and enough salt.

Putting the crushed chilies in the oil right at the beginning meant that the spice went everywhere. Have to be careful with quantities, or add a chili paste later in the cooking to taste.

I have a jar of coarse salt as my cooking salt next to the stove. I really do need to be careful about quantities there: this was almost too much.

This could be made vegetarian by leaving out the chicken. Could replace it with shiitake mushrooms, and maybe some miso paste for depth of flavour.

Miso + firm tofu or tempeh might work as well, would just need to make sure to not stir too forcefully so it doesn’t crumble.

A spicy / more sour version could include kimchi put in at the end, or as a topping in the bowl.