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Cho Ladda at Sala Thai - Royal Dumplings

We went to Sala Thai last night before going to see a movie at Scotia Theater on Burrard.

It’s a pretty great “fancy” Thai place that has a wide range of dishes, especially lots of appetizers.

We ordered “cho ladda”, or floral dumplings:

They’re beautiful to look at steamed dumplings filled with ground meat and palm sugar and some floral notes.

I did a search for cho ladda and didn’t really find anything.

I did find them called chor muang, or Thai royal steamed dumplings, in this recipe:

One of three rare Thai dishes traditionally served to the Thai royal family, Chor Muang is a steamed dumpling delicately formed into flowers using a pair of tweezers with serrated tips. The purple colour is obtained from the petals of what we call bunga telang in Malaysia; though you can achieve the same effect with food colouring.

Here’s another video on making these dumplings, at Patara in London:

These dumplings are delicious. We only had a few dishes, so decided to have another order for dessert :wink: