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Christmas Recipe Research

I’ve got a handful of interesting ingredients, including goose, chestnuts and plantains.

Here’s my scratchpad of recipe research.

Chestnut Stuffing

Interesting to read that parboiling the chestnuts is the technique recommended. I’ve only ever dry roasted them.

The chestnut stuffing recipes are all pretty much the same — chestnut and breadcrumbs.

Includes fennel and sausage:

Here’s one with Pate and mushrooms, made in muffin tins:

Roast Goose

Takes the goose apart so the breast doesn’t get overcooked and dry. Relatively low heat / slow cooking.

Citrus and Chinese five spice and honey. Plus pre-searing of skin.

Steaming the goose the day before and then letting it dry out in the fridge overnight

Another recipe where the whole goose is boiled briefly.

A fruit stuffing with apples, raisins, and currants