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Crypto & Securities Glossary


Bitcoin Improvement Proposal - a document which suggests changes to the the Bitcoin protocol’s code.


The blockchain protocol upon which bitcoin (BTC) is issued

bitcoin (lower case “b”)

The native token of the Bitcoin blockchain protocol.


Usually refers to the native cryptocurrency of a separate chain. Bitcoin’s coin is called Bitcoin, Ethereum’s coin is called Ether.


Transacting multiple times on the same bitcoins in an individual’s possession. Verifying the transaction as part of Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism prevents this from happening.


Ethereum Improvement Proposal. Process hosted on Github where the community can submit proposals for improvement.


The original proposal that defined the basis for token contracts defined on the Ethereum blockchain. Technically now approved as EIP-20.


Defined on an underlying blockchain. Is protected and managed by the native chain’s mining or other consensus protocol. The Ethereum blockchain defines tokens using their smart contract capability.