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Exotic Orchard Produce Grocery Delivery

The minimum order requirement is $35 in Vancouver.

For deliveries in Burnaby and Richmond the minimum is $50.

Next day delivery (order before midnight), Monday through Friday.

Use this referral link for $10 off, @boris gets $10 credit when you order.

Unique / Special Items

Not a very large selection, but very nice and fresh fruit and produce, with next day delivery and a low minimum order.

Ataulfo Mangoes by the 5lb case

June 2020 Update: lots of exotic fruits and veggies - Okinawan sweet potato, wax apple, lychee, dragon fruit, pomelo, hami melon.


Here’s my first order, from yesterday

Half of the last order. They’ve upped their minimum for free shipping to $100 or so, otherwise a $6 charge.

The pineapples got turned into tepache.

I realize that ordering by the pound for different items, I don’t have a sense of how much something is. So 1lb of oranges is two big oranges. Lesson for myself is, always order at least 2lbs!

I bought some Okinawan Sweet Potatoes that are purplish on the inside from what I’ve read — you can see their light brown skin in the box.