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Frontier Ethereum Reading List

This started as a broader reading list used internally at Frontier / Finhaven for friends, potential hires, and anyone else who asked for some getting started material around blockchain / Ethereum. I’ve edited out non-Ethereum material for now, and may collect some other focused reading lists.

Feel free to add articles here, but ideally we start by having them added as standalone posts, which are liked / favourited, and obviously are tops in quality.


Dan Finlay (MetaMask) - 10 Minute Intro to Ethereum

And then for the in-depth version, Preethi Kasireddy’s “How does Ethereum work, anyway?”. This is quite technical, so skip it to below for more contextual articles.

Testifying before US Congress on cryptocurrencies and tokens

Peter Van Valkenberg, Director of Research, Coin Center testifying before congress, giving an excellent explanation of IPFS / Filecoin as a non financial usage and of how tokens work.

This direct link should go directly to Peter’s testimony, which is very succinct.


History of Ethereum / Vitalik Buterin, Financial Post

Programmable Blockchains in Context: Ethereum’s Future, Vinay Gupta (Oct 2015)

What does Ether $300 mean?, Vinay Gupta

Union Square Ventures: Fat Protocols

Thoughts on Tokens, Balaji S. Srinivasan

The Bitcoin Model for Crowdfunding, Naval Ravikant

Tokenizing the Enterprise, Trent McConaghy

Three pre-blockchain Planetary Networks, Trent McConaghy

The Decentralized-Consistent-Scale (DCS) Triangle, Trent McConaghy

Blockchain Whitepapers / Origins / More Technical

Shelling Out: The Origins of Money, Nick Szabo (2002)

Money, Blockchains & Social Scalability, Nick Szabo

Interplanetary Linked Computing: Separating Merkle Computing from Blockchain Computational Courts

Ever wonder how Merkle trees work?