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Group order of unsalted quark from Farm House Cheese

Talking to my mom today, who went to the Riley Park Farmer’s Market today.

She has been talking to Farm House Cheeses and apparently they will make bulk sales of unsalted quark in 5lb for $30 or 10lb for $55.

Their regular quark is salted and comes in (I think) 500g containers.

I am very eager to try this. If you are interested, please leave a comment with how many pounds you would like.

I am going to ping the people who participated in the Quark in Vancouver thread.

It freezes well — which may be relevant for you. My apartment freezer is very small and currently quite full.

Yes, regular, salted quark comes in 1lb. ($9) or 1/2 lb. containers. They make quark every week and one can order the unsalted version in 5lbs or 10 lbs bags. Quark is a German staple, just as much as potatoes, dark bread and sauerkraut and it’s the most important ingredient in German cheesecake.

Even after more than four decades, more than half my life, living in Canada, I crave foods I grew up with. I can’t wait to get a supply of quark, as soon as we are moving next month and to bake a cheese cake in my new oven.

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Thanks for finding this out! Since you say it freezes well, I will get a bulk order and stock up - we live close enough to the farmers market that picking it up from them there is going to be easier than meeting up with anyone to split up an order.

Any hints on freezing it, other than the obvious freezing in units I’m likely to use?

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You can place your order by email and arrange for pickup at the Farmers Market. - Other than freezing in required portions, there is nothing special about freezing quark. It can dry out if left in the freezer for a long time in a bag that is not airtight.

Yeah for sure, 5 lbs isn’t that much if you’ve got freezer space and/or you’re just going to turn it into cheese cake.

Please share anything you make with it!