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Guizhou / Qian Cai Tomato Soup Fish - Suan Tang Yu

Continuing the discussion from Fermented pickled tomatoes:

Fernando found a reference for the soup we had at Yummy Mammy:

The blog is great, with step by step pictures of ingredients.

And a recipe of how to make fermented tomatoes:

The red acid is tomato acid, with the mellow sour taste, light red color, and delicate fragrance. It is usually made with 5kg of fresh wild tomatoes (which can be replaced by planted tomatoes when the wild ones are not available), placing them in a clean pickle jar after washing, and then adding with 500g of ginger, 250g of garlic, 1kg of red pepper, 500g of refined salt, 100g of glutinous rice flour and 250g of white spirit, then filling the jar with water and capping it for 15 days before used. When using it, the solid raw materials in the pot need to be chopped or grounded into the soft paste by a blender.

Red oleic acid, also known as aromatic acid, is made by frying green pepper (Zao pepper ) with oil until the red oil can be seen, then adding fresh wild tomato and stir-frying, adding soup, boiling, removing residue, and concocting. The taste is heavy, sour and spicy, with bright red.