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IndieWeb Meetup, Oct 9th, Vancouver

After some recent experimentations with IndieWeb / micropub, I want to do an IndieWeb meetup.

So, post Canadian Thanksgiving, Tuesday October 9th at 6pm, at Milano Gastown, 36 Powell Street, we’ll meet.

@patdryburgh is coming and so is Roland @rtanglao. @Stv is interested and trying to clear his schedule. Also this would be interesting to @Chisel & @Doge. Owen said maybe.

I think we’ll talk about MicroBlog and MicroPub and Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Maybe a little podcasting. Maybe a little mobile notes and editing. Wikis!

Leave a comment with what you want to learn or share, or if you want to come next time.

Elsewhere these things are also called Homebrew Website Club (and apparently are supposed to be held on Wednesdays). We’ll see who wants to do it again and what we want to talk about.

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I am keen to join for the topic and some great company! Let me know where to appear on Tuesday!

Great! Figuring out a spot and will message everyone once confirmed.

Any luck on a location yet? Maybe a bar/café?

I pinged Milano Gastown which is open until 9pm.

I’m investigating library rooms — which looks like some of them need to be booked by phone and/or be booked 2 weeks ahead, but look promising. The Strathcona branch on E Hastings needs a phone call so I’ll try tomorrow.

Cartems on Pender and on Main are both open until 10pm. So I’ve emailed them.

Waves and Blenz may have space / encourage meetups, still have to research that.

We’re official!

Tantek tweeted:

And so we have a wiki page:

Ok! Milano Gastown got back to me and said yes! Location:

6pm on Tuesday. See you there!

:wave: I’m passing through and am going to try to come along.

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Seriously??! That’s awesome! Looking forward to meeting in person after many years of internets :slight_smile:

With great sadness, I’m now unable to attend - but I’ll be around town through Friday. Would love to grab a coffee.