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It’s Time to Unlock The Web – Julien Genestoux

Julien announcing Unlock Protocol, a subscription / access / membership layer for the web:

Unlock is an access control protocol built on a blockchain. It enables creators to monetize their content or software without relying on a middleman. It lets consumers manage all of their subscriptions in a consistent way, as well as earn discounts when they share the best content and applications they use.

The article goes into more detail. The “keys” for unlocking content will be NFT tokens. There are Unlock Discount Tokens as well to tie together broader incentives.

The protocol is, at its core, a web-centric protocol that will encourage and reward referrals. So once a user has unlocked something, the protocol can tell if she shared those links and whether that sharing results in other people getting keys to the same lock. As a reward, the protocol will grant her discount tokens so she can access more content at discounted prices.

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