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Kuma, Japanese comfort food in Tofino

120 Fourth Street, Tofino

Open from 3:30pm 7 days per week, Happy Hour until 4:30pm

Kuma Tofino has been a town favourite and local staple since 2014. We serve inspired comfort food based on heritage Japanese recipes in a welcoming, warm environment.

Not pictured: a side order of ramen noodles, that tasted lovely with the miso braise from the radishes.

There are multiple kinds of ramen on the menu, as well as a miso braised beef. We stuck with fish and veggies and the flavours were delicate and delicious. Very reasonably priced, we were quite full at the end of all this.

Yuzu Lemonade and Grapefruit Shochu and Tonic

Pickled vegetables

Aka Tsukemono, Japanese style pickled veggies. Very good. I always get these at any Japanese place that serves them.

Miso cured sablefish

Very tasty and tender. Loved it!

The Bear Tuna

Tuna tartare, with cucumber and avocado mixed in. Very tasty, delicious.

Yuzu Bok Choy

With tempura crunch. A nice hint of yuzu. Reminded us that bok choy is a boring vegetable.

Special: Miso Braised Radishes

R didn’t like it because the radishes had lost their bite. The miso braise was salty and flavourful, the radishes maybe cold have done with more cooking.

Yuzu Panacotta

Perfect amount. Very tart and tasty.