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Lamajoun - Armenian Bakery in Industrial Richmond

11782 River Road - Unit 128, Richmond

Close to the IKEA, this Armenian bakery does wholesale but also has a little cafe with table service and outdoor seating.

The most “famous” thing on the menu is the fresh out of the oven bread boat — filled with cheese and egg and optionally cured meat.

Found out about this via Fernando.

We went today with Chris & Erin, who are vegetarian.

As well as the bread boat, we had a salad and “jingle bread”:

“Zhingyalov Hats” or Armenian jingle bread is a mixture of parsley, dill, green onion and spinach in these bread pockets. Very flavourful and fresh.

I ordered a 100g of sujuk Wikipedia - Sujuk on the side, since I hadn’t tried it before, which came with some lavash bread and basturma Wikipedia - Basturma / Pastirma.

We got the pickled vegetables. They have a strong flavour that not everyone likes (not sure what it is, maybe fenugreek?).