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Leftovers lunch and Video Testing

I’m testing different ways to post video here, along with the tools for editing.

There is a lot of great recipe and cooking video content on Instagram Stories, but much like everything else from Facebook, it’s hard to get to and link to from the rest of the web.

And, they disappear! You can pin them in highlights, which do have links, but this still isn’t great for someone attempting to follow the recipe.

Right now it’s a multi step process. Using apps to combine multiple videos (assuming either re-using videos from Instagram stories or recording locally on your phone), then saving the combined videos on your phone, then uploading it to YouTube, then copying the link to embed it here, where you can add links and photos.

I added a photo below of the pork in progress. Attaching / uploading videos here is pretty simple.

Ideally, skipping the YouTube step means you could attach video here directly, but that will take some research.

I hardly ever create video content, but I was inspired by Grace Lee, who you can find on Instagram:

Grace has been doing an amazing job of posting recipes to her Instagram stories, so I’ve been talking to her about saving those videos.

Other than this test here on the forum, what’s the best food blog platform that supports video?

iMovie on iPhone

Glueing videos together works fine. The app is super minimal. Doesn’t support vertical video as far as I could tell.

Complicated to overlay multiple items — you need to split clips at all the spots you want to overlay text.

InShot on iPhone

Rich editing. Stickers, emoji, text. Overlay multiple things. Can change the ratio to many different kinds. Super simple to stretch how things get overlaid.

Free version has the watermark and ads. Pro version is $20/year which seems totally reasonable.

Vimeo Create

This was very clean and simple (had the best / easiest option for selecting vertical video), but did all the glueing together on the server, and then the Pro version is $30/month.

I uploaded both videos, which I saved back to my phone’s camera roll, using the YouTube app.

Here in the forum, copy and pasting a link to the YouTube share link will embed the video.

Leftovers Lunch

The tiny little part in the middle of this one minute video is me showing you some leftovers. So here are the notes on making them.

Pork, Dill, and Lemon Rice Stuffing

The pork, dill, rice, lemon mixture started out as a stuffing for red bell peppers. I sautéed some onions and garlic and the minced stems from the dill in some oil, plus a little fresh ground coriander seeds, then added the ground pork.

I drained the pork of a lot of the fat that cooked out, and kept it to bake the peppers in. Added salt and pepper to taste.

Separately I cooked some basmati rice, mixed it with the pork mixture, chopped up the rest of the fresh dill bunch, grated the zest from a lemon in using a micro plane, and then squeezed the juice from the lemon in.

Rice is always a wonderful leftover, and pork and fresh dill is even better. After heating it, I did add a couple of spoonfuls of the kimchi that’s on the counter. Little bit of acid, little bit of funk, and some nice spice.

Duck Soup with Orzo

The Choices on Commercial Drive very often has fresh whole duck for $20-$25. I bought some and of course made stock from the bones and leftovers.

I made a quick soup by adding in some diced carrots and celery, salt and pepper, and brought it up to a boil. I added in a handful of orzo.

For finishing and balance, I’ll often add a splash of apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar.