All The Best Recipes

Legends Haul Grocery Delivery

Former restaurant supply now doing home grocery delivery.

Friends of Legends

Carries products and prepared foods from a number of local producers / restaurants as well, including:

  • Chambar
  • Cafe Medina - waffles + waffle sauces
  • Kissa Tanto
  • Nightingale
  • Savio Volpe + Cafe La Tana
  • Boulevard
  • Belgard Kitchen
  • Maenam
  • Beetbox - eg tahini dressing
  • Juke Fried Chicken
  • Downlow Chicken
  • Big Day BBQ

Plus Livia Bakery, Beta 5, Cadeaux Bakery etc as regular items.

Unique / Special Products

PEI potato-fed beef, including the 3lbs+ tomahawk steak