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Moltaqa Moroccan Restaurant

51 W Hastings

Opened in the old Acme Cafe space in 2018, just east of Abbott.

Not a vegan primary restaurant, but tagged as such because many of the dishes are vegan, and labelled as such.

Went here yesterday with my mom for lunch. One thing I forgot is that Moroccan cuisine has a lot of cilantro in it. And my mom has the “cilantro tastes like soap” gene :smile:

There is a lovely seat in the window that gets full sun, which was great on a cold winter day. I was waiting for my mom to meet me so ordered som Moroccan traditional mint tea. It is sweet but not overly sweetened as I’ve had served elsewhere.

The restaurant is changing up the menu, plus I had to order around the cilantro. They ended up bringing my mom her own lentil stew since the eggplant one I ordered DID have cilantro in it.

The stews come with fresh baked rounds of bread plus olive oil.

Eggplant stew

Beet Orange Salad

Kofte Lunch Plate

You can order just the lunch plate and be totally full, or you can order various sides and share plates to get a taste of everything.

The kofte (which they have listed outside as “meatball plate” because this isn’t that common in Vancouver) are made of beef and really nicely spiced.

Apparently they’re taking their merguez sausage off the menu and will be doing kofte.

Not pictured, a side of harissa hot sauce. It’s only medium spicy and tastes strongly of preserved lemons.

Moroccan cookies

These got packed to go to take home for Rachael. It looks like her favourite date tart isn’t on the menu any more?