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Nine Dumplings - Szechuan + Beijing Street Food

Inside Robson Public Market, upstairs in the food court
1610 Robson Street in the #west-end

Yes, this is the latest incarnation of Nine Dishes, still run by Yves:

There are nine flavours of (coloured) dumplings which you can choose how you want them prepared — steamed, in soup, or with Szechuan spicy oil & chilies.

Lamb skewers with cumin and drunken spicy chicken also available.

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It was Dave Shea @mezzoblue that found it, we had lunch there today.

Glutinous rice and a little red bean dessert soup:

Lamb cumin skewers

Drunken spicy chicken

It was great to see Yves! I’ve been following him to every restaurant since the original Nine Dishes, which I learned about from Fernando @fmedeats when he and Stewart were working on Glitch and shared an office with us at Bootup Labs.

This is the Nine Dumplings sampler, steamed — one of each, all different colours. I told Yves we need a colour guide next time!

Not pictured - 5 pork & cabbage (green and white wrapper) served in spicy Szechuan dressing.

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