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Notes from the Feb 2018 Toronto Security Tokens Event

This event was the first one we held, and it was great to see the interest. Thanks to Blair Wiley and Osler for providing the venue and handling the Legal Bits portion of the event. Phil Long from Miller Thomson co-presented with Blair, and both bought a round of drinks at the Assembly Chef’s Hall afterwards. Thank you!

I had several people message me afterwards interested in seeing the event happen again in Toronto. We’ll look for Toronto hosts and see if we can keep the discussion going. Several people missed it because we put the event together quickly, and we did “sell out” the 40 seats we had room for. Get in touch if you want to host / sponsor / get involved.

Brett’s Links

Brett Bergmann, CTO of Citizen Hex, co-presented the Technical Bits with me (Boris Mann of Finhaven). He sent a set of great links to share with everyone, many of them directly related to items we discussed.

There are over 30,000 tokens defined on the Ethereum public blockchain

That’s a Brett quote that taught me something! An audience member pointed out that there are perhaps 1400 “actively traded” coins + tokens globally – after 18 months of the (mainly) Ethereum token creation.

Wallet Security:


Where is crypto heading? Why is it interesting?

Ethereum chain fork:

How stuff works:

Bonus last minute link

To add to that, I’ll add the background that I’ve written on how Finhaven thinks about Security Tokens from a technical interoperability layer: Managing the Ownership and Transfer of Security Tokens with Finhaven

We also have a reading list we’ve curated that we’ll get contributed here.

Add Your Own Notes, Links, and Expand the Glossary.

We’ve got the SecurityTokensClub Github repo setup that powers this website, where everyone can post notes, links, and other items to share with the global community of legal and technical implementors of security tokens. If you’re comfortable with Github and Jekyll, please make a pull request.

Have a great article to share or an event you want to promote? Add an issue.

We also have the beginnings of a glossary page to help in defining basic concepts and legal, technical, and fintech abbreviations and organizations.

We’ll have more help and HOWTOs on this process – please get in touch if you’d like to help contribute.

Next Event

Our next event is in Vancouver on March 13th, hosted at the Miller Thomson offices, with the Legal Bits led by MT’s Derrek Fahl. Register now


We’ve had a recent note released from the BC Securities Commission (BCSC) that asks for responses to several questions that are relevant to crypto currencies and crypto assets. Stay tuned for more info on that as we rally to have several working sessions to discuss the questions and develop answers, and encourage everyone to submit responses.