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One day Seattle Art Fair trip

Rachael and I did a one day trip down to Seattle to visit the Seattle Art Fair.

It takes place next to the CenturyLink Field Stadium, in the attached Event Center. Galleries and artists from all over come and display their work.

Rachael has a whole selection of her favourites, I’ll just include one of the infinity mirrors — made with one-way mirrors so you can look in, but the reflections are all just of the interior.

We spent 3.5 hours walking the show and were pretty dead on our feet after that. We headed to Elm Coffee that @expede had introduced me to:

They were closing pretty soon so we didn’t have long to sit and relax. I had a macchiato and Rachael had some sort of tea blend that included carrots.

What was really outstanding was a stellar sweet empanada — there were several kinds, we got the guava & cream cheese.

I’m a sucker for guava plus this has really good pastry.

Next Rachael had a store in Japantown she wanted to visit.

We went into Momo, which has clothing, toys, and other interesting lifestyle bits and pieces.

The other store, Kobo, was a few doors down. It has furniture, jewelry, textiles, art, housewares, kitchen items, food, clothing — all direct from Japan plus some vintage.

Back to Owijimaya to browse the book store, pick up some specialty items and drinks for the drive home.

I was tempted by this cookbook:

Snappy Dragon

By this time we were getting hungry for dinner and so decided to go back to Snappy Dragon. I had found it just by searching the area on the way out of town on a previous trip. It’s a cheap and cheerful Chinese place with massive portions.

Mushu Chicken with Pancakes

Stir fry of mushrooms, veggies, and green onions, with your choice of pork, chicken, tofu, or shrimp. And a giant saucer of hoisin.

You rip up the pancake and put some hoisin on and pile on the mushu. Like a little taco.

Somewhat plain in flavour, but tasty and I liked the ritual of making little pancake bites.

Ants Climb a Tree

We had this as medium spicy, 3 out of 5, and it was only a little spicy, but extremely garlicky.

These are glass noodles mixed with spicy ground pork with chillies and garlic. Very much Szechuan flavours although I didn’t taste the numbing burn of Szechuan peppercorns.

Very tasty, would have it again!

Pork Jiaozi

Very excellent steamed pork dumplings served with a soy + vinegar dipping sauce.

All the portions are giant here. We got most of it to go, and had two more full meals out of the leftovers.