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Options for Business Banking & Company Credit Cards in the US

I’m researching business banking options in the US for a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, where the owners / directors are Canadians.


Used by the Stripe Atlas program.


Corporate card for startups. Same office as Consensys Tachyon. @expede has connections here.

Silicon Valley Bank


In “early access” mode, you email to see about getting access.

Novo can support almost any business operating in the US. As long as the owner has a social security number they are able to open a Novo Account.


Bento for Business

Features cards and expense control Starter plan is free for up to 2 cards. Not really a full bank account – you need to link it to an existing bank account.

Personal Banking

As part of research, found a bunch of personal options.


German bank, will be opening in the US, not sure if personal or business as well.


Personal banking, also sell to / license their platform to other banks.


Personal banking only

Bank Mobile

New accounts not available, personal focused

Also: Transferwise can give you a “virtual” US personal or business bank account too

This article was useful in ranking “best” US banks for small business in 2018:

Top Banks for startups: