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Private Equity & VC are ripe for disruption - Ryan Caldbeck

Here’s the link to Ryan’s whole tweetstorm:

Selected tweets:

The 2% fees, 20% carried interest model hasn’t changed in a long time:

Yep. “IT” keeps your Windows computers updated and is not the same as building tech IP:

And yes a lot of this behaviour has been driven by the Limited Partners that invest in funds:

In any case, the industry has all the hallmarks of being ready to by disrupted:

It’s clear that I’m not going to be able to stop myself from sharing content related to topics I find interesting. I’ve tagged this “Future of Venture”, as this is a topic I’ve been exploring for the last 11 years, ever since I founded Canada’s first startup accelerator.

I also have had feedback that finding “best of twitter” threads is interesting to people. So we’ll see how this evolves.