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Quark in Vancouver

Farmhouse Cheeses is the place in Vancouver that makes Quark, but it’s a particularly salty version.

We recently had a twitter thread on both where to get quark and how to make it.

From Lauren, how to make quark with a Yogurt Maker:

And Mat found this:

Luckily, Gourmet Warehouse has mesophilic culture.

Let’s see who makes it first!

Hi, I just came across this forum while looking for stores in Metro Vancouver that have Quark. I already tried the Farmhouse Cheese Quark and as you mentioned it is unfortunately very salty.

I hadn’t had the chance yet to try it, but I emailed Smits Cheese in Chilliwack and they said their Quark is unsalted. I’ve ordered a few tubs that I will pick up at the Granville Island Market today, thought that info might be helpful for some of you.

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Awesome, thanks for the report. We did end up finding out that Farmhouse does make an unsalted version you can special order.

Let us know how the Smits version tastes!