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Quick Orange Shrub

We made a quick orange shrub — a drinking vinegar. We looked at a couple of recipes, including:

Tells you how to make both quick, hot processes and cold several day process. Basic formula is 1 cup fruit to 1 cup sugar to 1 cup vinegar.

This recipe specifically used blood oranges, and did it quickly but cold by juicing the oranges:

We juiced oranges until we had 1 cup of juice (about 4-5 oranges) and then added 1 cup of organic sugar and stirred until it was blended in.

I used a micro-plane to grate a 1 inch knob of ginger into one cup. I added sherry vinegar to this mixture.

The second mixture we added 1 cup of champagne vinegar.

We filled them into jars and put them in the fridge. Ready to go!