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Quince Syrup or Shrub

Bought some quince at Santa Barbara and decided to make a shrub. This article argues that a straight up sweet syrup can always have vinegar added to it:

I’ve got three chopped up quinces in a jar with sugar liquefying now.

Turned out nice, after about 48 hours:

Made 2 cups of quince syrup, to which we added 1 cup of champagne vinegar.

This was 2 oranges and 2 peeled and cored quinces and un-measured sugar.

Next time just juice the oranges — they don’t really melt into the sugar.

Ended up with 350ml of sugary juice syrup, and added just 50ml of white wine vinegar. We’re finding the vinegar sort of obliterates the fruit in 1:1 or even 1/2:1 ratios — so how about 1/7:1. Very much to taste and I’m sure different fruits would have different flavours. Quince in this form is pretty delicate and flowery.

Newly made orange-quince + white wine vinegar and orange-ginger + sherry vinegar (which I strained the last bit of).