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Quince - The fruit that blushes when you cook it

Paula Wolfert’s Slow-Baked Quince

(adapted from her recipe in The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen)

Serves 4

2 medium quince
⅔ c superfine (baker’s) sugar
⅔ c water
1 clove
1½ T lemon juice
1 apple

Ok, going to make this today.

I don’t have sharp enough knives or a melon baller to keep them as quince halves, so they are quince chunks. This is going into the 250F oven, will check on it in 2.5 hours.

Wow! It really did turn brilliant ruby red. This was just over 5 hours.

This was a little sweet for me, and the single clove didn’t really come through in the flavour. I think I would do much less sugar and maybe a little more lemon juice. With ice cream or yogurt this would be great.