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Raspberry Pis as Decentralized Nodes

Goal is to run some blockchain mining nodes (Dogecoin, Ravencoin), file sharing (IPFS), and mesh networking (RightMesh) and make it easy for people to get them setup and just plugged in their home or office.

We’ll do this “live” in Vancouver, but people elsewhere can follow along with instructions.

Next Steps

  • Kick off meeting at DCTRL, day TBD
  • Put up form to see who is interested in bulk buy
  • Work on how-to / install steps for different nodes

Places to Buy in Canada

Buy A Pi, Ottawa

@boris: I reached out to Buy A Pi, and they will offer a 5 - 10% discount for low volume (30 - 50) bulk orders. Two likely kits are:

RP Electronics, 4181 Dawson Street, Burnaby

@boris looks like they have kits and pieces available. 5% off for 25 or more. Kits:

Lee’s Electronics, 4131 Fraser Street, Vancouver

@boris kits are here – prices are quite high, low stock

Node Setup

Mining with Raspberry Pi

Summary: MagiCoin or Storj seem to be ones that you can sort of mine. Running a full local node for other chains is still possible, even without mining.

IPFS on Raspberry Pi


Run Geth / Parity node on RPi

Ubuntu MATE OS


Debian-based installs for RPis

NOOBs Installer

Allows for interactive installs.

To Investigate

  • ZenCash
  • Swarm City
  • DASH
  • TrueBit
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