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Rib steak and grilled veggies BBQ at Ocean Village Beach Resort

I’m in #tofino for 3 nights, at the Ocean Village Beach Resort. They have a gas BBQ grill in a central spot for everyone to use.

Even though it’s very cold (5C, but very cold wind and right next to the ocean, so feels colder), I so rarely get to BBQ that I got a bunch of things to grill from the local Co-Op.

Light is a bit dim inside, here’s everything prepped. A rib steak, salt and pepper on both sides. Red pepper slices. Mushrooms with the stems removed and butter and lemon herb spice. Zucchini with butter and lemon herb.

Here it goes on the grill. The red peppers will take less time, they go on later.

Made this a Live Photo loop in the original. Close to done. Looks tasty.

Close up of butter bubbling in mushrooms.

Final product, although I did pull the steak off to the side to rest