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Salt-Baked Salmon

I’ve been wanting to do salt-baked something for a while.

I got a whole coho from Skipper Otto and went over to Bowen for the weekend.

Did some research:

That second link adds egg whites to coarse salt and makes a kind of meringue to cover the fish in.

I was already kind of winging it without a sheet of the right size, so no meringue for me.

I gathered fresh rosemary and oregano from the garden and put some of that in the salt mixture.

Made a bed of salt and layered it with onions, lemons, and oregano sprigs.

Put the salmon on top. Stuffed the cavity with onions and rosemary. Layered lemon and onion and oregano on top.

Yeah, this salmon is too big for this roaster. Need a big flat sheet. My apartment oven at home wouldn’t be big enough at all.

I ended up opening another container of salt to really probably cover the fish.

Now into a preheated oven at 400F/204C.

Out after 50 minutes. The oregano is darkened and the tail is crispy and done.

The salt had hardened into an outer crust that I had to break through and push aside.

Cut through the top and lifted off the bones. So nice to work with a whole fish. It was a little bit underdone — you can see how dark red it still is. I put it back in the hot oven for 5 minutes and it was perfect.

The salmon was juicy and delicious. The occasional piece of skin had salt on it, but the fish itself wasn’t salty. The oregano flavour lightly flavoured the fish in a nice way.

Served with rice, steamed veggies, and sautéed kohlrabi with a white sauce.