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Savio Volpe - Family Style Italian Restaurant

615 Kingsway, right where it crosses Fraser, so basically the northern end of Fraserhood.

There is a $60 per person tasting menu that is customized to the table and preferences with 5 courses.

Everything is served family style — meaning you order and share together.

Rachael and I hadn’t been back here for maybe 4 or 5 years, even though we really love it. We went for our anniversary this past Thursday.

Bagna Cauda

Bagna Cauda (Wikipedia)

Kind of like fondue, it’s a garlic anchovy dip served with a variety of crisp raw veggies plus some cooked purple potatoes and roasted sunchokes, and a few hunks of bread.

The only other place in Vancouver we’ve had this was the [[Mackenzie Room]], as a “reverse” Bagna Cauda — cold whipped garlic / anchovies with roasted veggies.

This is our must order dish here :wink:

Mozzarella and Roasted Beets

Buffalo Mozzarella, Roasted Beets, Oranges, Hazelnuts, Whipped Ricotta

After the umami bomb of the Bagna cauda, this was a little flat. The Burratta dish is expensive for just two, but we later heard the table next to us get a half order. Get that instead!

Mezzaluna with Brown Butter Sauce

Mezzaluna pasta stuffed with parsnips and squash, with sage brown butter sauce.

Sweet and delicious. R loves brown butter sauce and this is an amazing example of that.

Roast Pork Leg with Chimichurri Sauce (Special)

With crackling, a slice of Cotechino sausage, plus a fried egg on top. I should have taken a picture from the side to show how big a pile of meat this is.

The kitchen has a wood fire and spit with various specials. This is a special we’ve had there before. Very intense garlic and vinegar in the

We got a side of roast cauliflower and Romanesco with capers that was tasty.

We were totally full at this point so packed up half of this and the side vegetables to go.

Not pictured, a meyer lemon sorbetto for dessert.