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Sourdough Naan Flatbread

  • 275g organic all purpose flour (2 heaping cups) I often substitute in a portion of whole grain flour.
  • 200g sourdough starter (2/3 cup stirred down)
  • 125g milk⁠ (~1/2 cup) Add more or less milk to accommodate different yogurt styles.
  • 75g yogurt⁠ (1/4 cup)
  • 5g salt⁠ (1 tsp)

I don’t know if I would really call this naan. It is flatbread and it turned out OK.

I’ve been using a BC organic red fife flour that is sort of more like whole wheat for my starter, and then the flour I added was unbleached all purpose white flour.

I also didn’t have yogurt or milk, so used skim milk powder for the liquid.

The dough definitely didn’t rise enough. Probably a combination of starter that’s not lively enough and not being warm enough.

This was pretty easy to make. I like cooking with my cast iron pan and we also have an iron tawa that would be good with this. I want to try it again.

The flat breads had nice chew fresh out of the oven and had them with some spicy Indian food.