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A collection of useful recommendations, apps, articles, and people useful for startups.

LTSE Tools

Eric Ries, who coined the term “Lean Startup” and wrote the book, is now working on Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE). The LTSE team has a number of tools useful for startups. See the tools page for the growing list, a few highlights below. The tools are targeted at US companies, but work fine for any country.


Manage your captable, run scenarios, manage your option plan.

Don’t want to fill out your entire captable, just want to figure out how your SAFEs or Convertible Notes might turn into see NoteGenie,

Startup Runway

Cash planning and budgeting.


Develop a hiring plan, check compensation of both salary and equity grants. Setup for the US with US cities, use “Other US Location” to get useful comparables.



Excel based financial models for standard scenarios that you can buy for a one time fee.

Recommended by David Crow @davidcrow.


Best full service accounting + invoicing SaaS platform. Don’t use Quickbooks.

Wave Payroll for Canada

Wave is too basic, use Xero instead. But – easiest and cheapest solution for Employee Payroll in Canada. Use it alongside Xero.

Sprout Accounting

Accounting-as-a-service based in Vancouver but with clients across Canada, uses Xero and a suite of other digital tools. Monthly fee, mention Frontier Foundry for a discount.

Deloitte Canada Ctrl

Accounting-as-a-service that uses either Quickbooks or Xero.

People / HR

Humi - Canadian HR

All-in-one HR solutions that includes payments & benefits. Scales down – you can run a one person company and get benefits through the system.

Still evaluating the Payroll solution to see if Wave can be ditched.

Founding, Fundraising & Advising

Startup Advisors

Includes a BC Advisor template.

NACO Common Docs

Common term sheet templates for Canada, for F&F and angel rounds.

Foundrs - Equity split for cofounders

Not perfect by any means, but a good tool to have a discussion with.

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With Berlin growing to become an ecosystem for blockchain-based companies, I think it would be useful to aggregate any useful materials on how to setup a startup in Berlin.

Pdf from IHK:

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Thanks @latrasis for adding that. I’ll add it to the wiki page when I’m not on mobile.

I don’t think Berlin / Germany is necessarily the best place for a global company registration. Estonia or Singapore (or BC!) are better for that.

Definitely a whole topic I want to gather resources for — including different types of organizations beyond just corporations.

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If company registration would be outside of Berlin, wouldn’t that make it harder to get a residency permit?

Any resources on Estonia / Singapore would be appreciated as well!

Ah! Didn’t realize you meant for the purposes of moving to Germany.

In Canada, working for a company you control / own, can’t be used to issue a work visa. I imagine Germany has similar rules.

However, Canada does have the Startup Visa program which pretty much fixes this if you get a qualifying investment in Canada.