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Wax Apple, Java apple, Semarang rose-apple and wax jambu

A number of cultivars with larger fruit have been selected. In general, the paler or darker the color, the sweeter it is.[ clarification needed ] In Southeast Asia, the black ones are nicknamed “Black Pearl” or “Black Diamond”, while the very pale greenish-white ones, called “Pearl”, are among the highest priced ones in fruit markets. The fruit is often served uncut, but with the core removed, to preserve the unique bell-shaped presentation. In the cuisine of Indian Ocean islands, the fruit is frequently used in salads, as well as in lightly sautéeddishes. It is mainly eaten as a fruit and also used to make pickles (chambakka achar). In the Philippines, its local name is macopa (it’s ancient name before colonialism, is ‘dambo’).[2]Because of their similarity in appearance, it is often confused with tambis ( Syzygium aqueum ),[5] although the latter is more commonly cultivated.

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