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What are the options for getting health benefits in Canada as small company?

A small Canadian corporation can be just one person. While you as an individual can get some form of benefits, there are some options to run through your corporation. Pick (1) or (2) as just one person, OR, if you are 2 or more people, then just use Humi.

1 - Use Humi and use it to create a Health Savings Account (HSA)


This means you are paying for healthcare needs with pre-tax dollars, which is an expense to your corporation and will reduce your taxes. Humi can do this with even just one person.

2 - Use the Chambers of Commerce Group plan


Works for firms with 1 - 50 employees. You would just use this system directly, and don’t need to use Humi.

3 - With 2 or more people, use Humi and get a Group Plan


With 2 or more staff / employees / contractors within a corporation, just use Humi to handle all the things you need to do for your government responsibilities. You will use the Humi platform to get quotes for a group plan.

Thank you to Danielle @DanielleMLovell for walking through these options and recommendations.

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Do these options only apply to corporations? Is there anything available for sole proprietors?

You might be able to use Humi even as a sole proprietor to run an HSA.

I haven’t looked at the chamber plan to check.

There may also be options to join forces.