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Whole chicken many ways

It is satisfying to buy a whole chicken, break it down, and then turn it into multiple meals.

Bought at Choices on The Drive, which has whole chickens for around $11 right now.

I cooked the legs and breasts with cumin, black pepper, gray sea salt, and a few chilli flakes.

The carcass, wings, and included neck went into the crock pot with peels from a couple of yams and and a big celeriac root. Put in some whole Szechuan peppercorns (the dried out brown ones from Famous Foods) and some coriander seeds. This is what it looked like this morning, after being in the crock pot overnight.

I froze a couple of cups of the stock and made a sort of Mexican chicken soup for lunch. Added some fresh ground cumin, salt, and chilli flakes, plus pulled some chicken meat off the soup bones.

The chicken legs were dinner tonight. So three meals for 2 people, plus there is soup leftover and the stock in the freezer. Satisfying!