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Wild BC Scallop with Fennel, Shallots, Garlic, Tomato, and Chinese Chives

I did some research on recipes for wild bc scallops and there isn’t much out there. They are also known as “swimming scallops”.

Since what I read said they are like a mix of a mussel and a clam, I decided to keep it simple and boil them.

The ones I got were a box of frozen pink and spiny scallops, about 2lbs including the shells.

First in, shallot chopped into olive oil over medium high heat. Shallots brown quickly and have a very nice nutty sweet flavour.

Added butter and 4 cloves of sliced garlic and turned down the heat.

One fennel bulb, chopped. This will add that subtle anise flavour and sweetness. Also added a healthy amount of coarse gray salt and some dried chili flakes.

Added some whole milk and some water.

I had some grape tomatoes that needed using up, so cut them in half and added them.

Cooked everything together. Will be serving it with some fettuccine.

Layered the shells in with Chinese chives. Added more water. High heat, lid on!

Looking good!

Pretty happy with how this turned out. The scallops just fell out of their shells for the most part. Definitely understand the mussel / clam description.