All The Best Recipes

Wolf in the Fog Restaurant in Tofino

150 Fourth St, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Fresh / local / wild.

A beautiful space, both decor and the view out over oceans and distant mountains.

Pickle & Smoke Caesar

Yes that’s smoked salmon on the skewer

Cassava Vegan Jamaican Patty

This was a special. The patty was filled with cassava and other veggies. Tamarind habanero drizzle. Served over a green papaya and red pepper slaw with some creamy dressing.

The patty was more like a samosa but it was super tasty.

Slaw was just OK.


Probably one of the fanciest presentations of quesadilla I’ve ever seen.

Fried Humboldt Squid

Lightly breaded with a gluten-free rice flour mixture. Chilli oil, a thick aioli, and served over shredded cabbage. Tasty, I wish it wasn’t breaded, and way too much aioli smear on the plate.

I understand that not breading squid means it’s too weird for many people. I would love this grilled. Makes me want to experiment with some Humboldt squid dishes.

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