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Yellow Rockfish with Orange Basil Garlic Brown Butter

What I had in mind was an orange juice, garlic, fresh basil sauce that is served cold over fish that I thought was maybe Brazilian, but I haven’t been able to find anything about it now that I’m searching. And in any case, I turned it into a pan sauce!

This is Yellow Rockfish filet from Skipper Otto.

For the sauce mixture, I juiced one large orange, including getting some of the pulp in there. Two Tbsp dried basil. Two garlic cloves grated on the micro plane to turn to a paste. A little bit of apple cider vinegar. A Tbsp of olive oil. A Tbsp of maple syrup. Whisked with a fork.

I put canola oil and 2 Tbsp of butter into a pan and heated it on high heat.

I cut the one large filet in half, added salt and green pepper, and put the pieces in the hot oil + butter in the pan skin side down.

I moved the pieces around and swirled the pan to prevent sticking.

When the butter started to brown, I added in 2 Tbsp of mirin and let it steam off a little.

I then poured the sauce in, keeping it on high heat. I ladled the sauce over the top of the fish but didn’t flip it. As the sauce started to reduce, I lowered the heat to medium, continuing to spoon hot sauce over the top of the fish.

Added a little more salt to the sauce and the fish. Served over basmati rice with lots of delicious sauce.