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You can get this there: Jasmine Mediterranean

We happened to wander in to Jasmine Mediterranean Foods & Halal Meats while wandering Main Street today. Super glad we did!

I’ll call this a “You can get this there” post (YCGTT?) — a bit of a description + photos of what’s available in the store.

No photos from in the store, but here’s what we came back with:

Simit - don’t know where they get them from, Smith’s Bagelry is the only place I know in Vancouver that makes them. Tasty and relatively fresh!

Chick peas — lots of peas, beans, lentils of all kinds, both dried and canned.

Egyptian rice — looks a bit like arborio aka risotto rice, but more ragged. Making some tonight, no idea what’s different about it. Seems to be imported by Jasmine Foods, a probably related importer.

Dried guavas — I love guava. Never had them dried.

Pickled turnips — I always ask for extra on my shawarma, finally have some at home.

Beef shawarma mixture — they have a full meat counter, with fresh lamb, goat, beef, and chicken plus various prepared / marinated meats.

Haloumi — a big brick of cheese for grilling