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Zaubersuppe and other magic from a distributed video chat

I was on an amazing video hangout with people from all over the world the other day:

Franzi made a “Zaubersuppe” – a magical, purple soup, because that’s what happens when you add purple carrots:

Franzi also explained that she was from the extreme west of Germany, from an area called Westphalian (Westfalen auf Deutsch) (Wikipedia).

And that there were a set of dishes called “Untereinander”, which is mashed potatoes mixed with other things – roughly, “mixed together”, in English. Her favourite is “Endivien Untereinander”, here’s a version I found:

I mentioned to Simona, who has a Romanian background, Tripe Soup, and found a couple of recipes:

@mekylelogen talked about South African Bunny Chow and Durban Curry:

Jakub told a story about childhood memories of Czech roast rabbit with garlic, potato dumplings, and Spinach. Here’s a Czech potato dumpling recipe:

I showed off my Blood Orange Drinking Vinegar, which looked like a bottle of blood. I have a couple of posts here on how to make your own:

The end of the call before I logged off ended up talking about exercise, specifically Alexey mentioning the Bear Crab Roll:

Here’s the recording of the whole stream: